Small preview imageSamsung SyncMaster 930BF has been bragging about about being the fastest LCD-monitor on the market. On paper it seems to share the number one spot with among others ViewSonic VX924 which also offers a responce time at 4ms. However now ViewSonic has released a press release that tells us that VX924 is actually the fastest monitor in the world with a responce time at 3ms. We’re not talking about an upgraded versions or such, It has just tested its monitor again and rewritten its specifications .

We can neither confirm nor comment on whether this new infotmation really concurs with the monitors true performance. But it really gives you a hint of how rediculous the situation is about to become. Not the least as most tests show extremely little difference betweeb 8ms and 4ms monitors in real life use.

So from here on ViewSonic VX924 is the fastest monitor as of today at least but we sincerely hope that the manufacturers starts to use its money better in the future. Such as support for higher resloutions and widescreen.

:: Read ViewSonic’s press release


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