Right before the launch of their new graphics circuit NV40 NVIDIA has made som movies available to demonstrate some of the technologies NV40 supports.

In conjunction with the publishment of NVIDIA’s SDK 7.0 (software developer’s kit) there are now 7 different movieclips to look at to give you a hunch of what that is about to come.
The seven different demos are the following:

  – High Dynamic Range Rendering
  – Displacement Mapping
  – Motion Blur
  – 3D Paint
  – Multiple Lights
  – Deferred Shading
  – Water Simulation

Our graphics card expert Anton Nilsson (Undac) is on his way to San Fransisco to overlook the launch of NVIDIA’s new flagship. What that will be shown is left to see but there will probably show up more information regarding NV40 shortly.

So for those of you who can’t wait there are some eyecandy available on NVIDIA’s homepage already and you can find them here.


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