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Det är inte det lättaste att sticka ut från konkurrensen på MP3-spelarmarknaden men tillverkaren NU gjorde förra året sig kända genom att lansera marknadens första vattentäta MP3-spelare. När man nu lanserar en ny modell i sin Dolphin-serie av vattentäta spelare är det med display och en touch baserad navigeringsmeny som viker sig runt den cylinderformade spelaren. NU hävdar att deras Dolphin Touch ska fungera utmärkt vid simning, surfning, snorkling eller andra krävande aktiviteter. Spelaren har 4GB lagringsutrymme och stödet MP3 samt WMA-filer, men även en FM-radio.

Mer information om NU Dolphin Touch finns i pressmeddelandet;

NU Unveils World’s First Waterproof Curved Touch Pad MP3 Player – Dolphin Touch

NU Inc. today unveils the second generation of Dolphin Family, Dolphin Touch.

Since NU launched the world’s first waterproof mp3 player tailored for swimmers and water sports athletes in 2007, it created a new fashion trend attracting more and more music enthusiasts wearing waterproof mp3 player when they play water activities – swimming, paddling, snorkeling, windsurfing, or even snowboarding! NU has now upgraded its functionalities and smart appearances on the global stage.

As the name implies, you can easily select songs, adjust volume, choose AP language, and even change melody style using its unique curved touch pad with 2-line graphic LCM display backlight. In addition to waterproof earphone, the premium packs including high-stereo earphone, stylish armband & Pen Clip! Dolphin Touch also supports 3D Surround Sound Processing and underwater FM radio.

Let Dolphin Touch pilot you to experience audio theater anywhere and anytime. The battery playing time is 8 hours continuously with fully charged battery. Guaranteed waterproof players as well as waterproof earphones are tested to comply with IP67 International Protection standard. The earplug made by silicone material is designed for wearing comfortably. Moreover, FM tuner (87.5-108MHz) is built-in to touch radio fans’ desire. Dolphin Touch is going to capture music and water sports enthusiasts by its attractive & unique features!

Key Features:

• Waterproof design with MP3 Player & earphone
• Touch keypad & power switch design
• Anti-scratch and aluminum strong casing
• Optional FM Tuner (87.5 – 10.8MHz)
• 2 lines Graphic LCM display with backlight
• 8 hrs playback with rechargeable battery powered by USB port
• High stereo earphone design

About NU

NU Inc, the leading company in portable solutions, offers a variety of innovations for the computer, electronics, and digital consumer products. With a diverse product portfolio consisting of wireless TV, DVD player, MP3 player, flash drives, external slim DVD burners and LCD monitors as well as other portable related devices, NU products are well distinguished in the marketplace for their high quality, stylish design, and good value to the customer. The company’s success lies in great employees who deliver what customers demand: superior customer service, on time delivery, training and fast technical support, and the best packaging and merchandising schemes in the industry.


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