When AMD launches the new Fusion family of processors, sporting integrated graphics, it will also release a new chipset. Hudson D1 is the name of the chip and now rumors are suggesting that AMD is aiming to include USB 3.0 with the new southbridge.

Previous leaked roadmaps haven’t hinted that Hudson D1 would include any integrated support for USB 3.0, but according to sources at notebook makers the decision is yet to be made and it is apprently talking with Renesas Electronics about licensing the USB 3.0 technology it acquired when merging with NEC Japan.

Hudson D1 will be paired with AMD’s mobile Fusion processors Ontario, and the 40nm processor series is slated to appear in Q4 2010 targeting netbooks and ultrathin notebooks.

Whether AMD decides to integrate the USB 3.0 technology or not with the new chipset seems a bit uncertain, but if it would it will have a great advantage over Intel that is still lacking support for both SATA 6 Gbps and USB 3.0 with its chipsets.



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