Epic’s Mark Rein spoke to gaming site Kotaku and revealed some fun details on its next generation game engine. Unreal Engine 4 that is currently in development will target the next generation PC platforms, that according to Epic will be based on so called massively multi-core” processors. It is simply all about extreme multi threading performance and even if Mark Rein was reluctant to specify the number of cores needed to be included in this segment it is probably more than we have today.

Back in 2006 Intel revealed that it was working on a ”massively multi-core” architecture with more than 80 cores and as late as December 2009 it presented a milestone in the Tera-scale development by showing a fully functional processor with 48 cores.


Just like Intel’s Tera-Scale architecture Unreal Engine 4 is a way ahead into future and Mark Rein says that a launch is still far off, but it’s great to see the development of hardware and software to go hand in hand for once.


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