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During CES in January Sony revealed its new OLED TVs with an impressive contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 and now it seems that these monitors will actually arrive in stores during 2007. Unfortunately it is not the 27″ HD model that Sony displayed at CES, but instead a much smaller model. Sony will launch an 11″ OLED-TV with 1024×600 resolution that can boost this magnificent contrast ratio and an 8-bit RGB panel. We have to emphasize the extreme measurements of Sony’s OLED TVs though, as they are truly slim. The coming 11″ display is only 3mm thin and that’s the entire TV, not just the panel.

The concept of flatscreen TV has to be reevaluated now that Sony’s new OLED TV has arrived. The question is how many treasure chests you will have to empty to be able to afford one of these displays. One thing is for certain, we will keep an eye out for Sony’s OLED-TVs and we’re hoping to see some bigger and cheaper models further up ahead.

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