The debate over PC vs. Apple has been going on for many years and is regularly revived by new events keeping it alive.
One such event seems to have taken place in the UK where Apple recently launched a commercial where the following was said about Apple Power Mac G4:

”the world’s fastest, most powerful personal computer”

Several viewers contacted the ITC (Independent Television Commission) and questioned this message.
The test results Apple sent to the commission sufficed for approval, but when the ITC took a closer look at the case and checked some independent tests of Apple G5 they decided to ban the commercial in all of the UK. The best estimation they found of the G5 wasn’t as flattering as the numbers Apple tried to use.

”the G5 was generally as fast as the best Intel-based workstations currently available”

You can read the ITCs report of the deceiving commercial here.
The commercial can be found on Apple’s website.



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