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Cooling manufacturer Tuniq seems decided to follow up its respected Tower 120 processor cooler with a new high-end model. The cooler has been dubbed Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme and supports all of the latest processor platforms. The cooler is, just like the precursor and most high-end models, a tower cooler and measures 131 x 112.3 x 150.7mm. The weight of the cooler is a bit uncertain but the original weighed around 800g and we would assume the new Extreme model is heavier.

The cooler sports 5 heatpipes, at 8mm and 6mm, for transferring the heat from the copper base up to the big aluminum heatsink with quite a lot of fins and a 120mm fan for keep temperatures at bay. The cooler will be really quite making only 16dB of noise.

Price and availability hasn’t been revealed yet, but the preceding Tower 120 was a popular cooler and we expect Sunbeam, the company behind Tuniq, will get the new cooler out to stores soon.


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