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It’s not uncommon for component makers to borrow technology and design from the car and aero industry, but Tuniq has chosen a different path with the Propeller 120 CPU cooler. It has borrowed design elements from aircraft carriers but unfortunately it’s just the design and no unconventional technology for cooling our CPUs. To bring out the cooling potential Tuniq Propeller 120 use four 8mm heatpipes and a downward blowing 120mm fan.

Tuniq says that its design solution and efficient fan will offer just as efficient cooling as models with eight heatpipes. It bundles TX-3 cooling paste and a fan controller for keeping the noise at low 16dB.

The cooler weighs 590g without fan and measures 128(L) × 127.5(B) × 145(H) mm. Propeller 120 supports all of AMD’s latest processor platforms, and LGA775 and LGA1366 from Intel. The LGA1156 supports is uncertain at this time.


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