Toshiba is a leading supplier of technology for Solid State Drives and it now aims to increase its presence by building a new cutting edge plant right next to the Yakkaichi area in Japan. Toshiba already has four manufacturing plants and the fifth will be named … Fab 5.

Toshiba hopes to get Fab 5 online by fall 2011 and this would enable the company to increase market shares on the growing flash memory market, where both SSD and Smartphones are included in the product categories Toshiba will be targeting.

By adding new production capacity, Toshiba will assure its ability to respond quickly and decisively to market expansion and will further strengthen its competitiveness in the semiconductor business.

The new plant will be earthquake proof and more environmental than the older Fab 4. It will use less resources and have 12% reduced carbon oxide emissions.

Toshiba Fab 4


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