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Toshiba, perhaps not  best known for its mobile phone manufacturer, has during the 3GSM event revealed two pretty interesting creations. Two of its new mobile phone models, Portege G900 and G500, was namely equipped with fingerprint readers. We’ve earlier tested USB memories with this function here at NH but phones porting the same function is certainly news. It gets even better now that the fingerprint reader can be used for more than just security but also for navigation as the phone is based Microsoft Windows Mobile.

”Interestingly, though, the fingerprint scanner also doubles up as a touch-sensitive scroll interface that lets you scroll down emails, menus or Web sites simply by sliding your finger over it. While it may seem strange to have the scanner on the back, it’s actually quite well placed because your fingers are on the back of the phone when you’re holding it.”

An innovative function that apparently works pretty well and Toshiba’s new mobile phones has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to the rest of the features. If this is the start of a trend of integrated fingerprint readers remains to be seen.

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