Toshiba has launched four new LCD-TVs measuring 47″, 42″, 37″ and 32″, the first three all have a HDTV-resolution at 1920x1080px while the smallest one, 32″, gets to suffice with 1366x768px. But all four uses the HDMI-interface for transferring video and audio signals. That is if you don’t use the integrated Ethernet-port. The integrated LAN-connectino is namely for handling VOD-services (Video On Demand) that are available in Japan. The VOD-service in Japan contains over 4500 movies, 50 different channels, e.g. MTV and Disney Channel and much more. The video broadcasted media is using the MPEG2 format at 4Mbps. The displays are intended for the Japanese market and will cost between 2800 euro and 5400 euro.

Source: Akihabara News


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