More and more on Llano is starting to leak and now the top model A8-3850 has been tested and overclocked. A8-3850 will be clocked at 2.9 GHz, sport 400 Radeon cores at 600 MHz, DDR3 1866 MHz dual channel memory controller and 100W TDP.

The new Llano architecture has the same CPU core as Athlon II and Phenom II with some minor tweaks and Power-Gating. Power-Gating is a technology Intel has had since the launch of Nehalem and it enables the processor to shut down a core, resulting in much lower power consumption during idle.

A lucky user got his hands on AMD’s top model for the desktop line, A8-3850, and he has overcloked both CPU and GPU to 3.77 GHz and 870 MHz respectively. The motherboard in question was Gigabyte A75M-UD2H with 4 GB DDR3 and Windows 7 64-bit for the operating system.

Testprogram A8-3800 A8-3850 A8-3850 ”OC”
3Dmark06 6616 7650 10492
3Dmark Vantage 4019 4400 6160
3Dmark 11   1148 1591

3Dmark06_1 3Dmark06_2 
 3DmarkVantage_1  3DmarkVantage_2
 3Dmark11_1  3Dmark11_2

It looks like Llano is pretty average without overclocking, but quickly catches up and performance like many mid-range cards and goes above HD 5670. With a TDP at 100W with processor and graphics on the same silicon it looks like a interesting alternative for budget systems and HTPCs, especially A8-3800 at 65W.

Source: Donanimhaber


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