The tip of the day is a follow up to several earlier tips that shows how you quick and easy access your favorite applications. Many people have shared tips and tricks how to create quick commands for applications in Windows.

It is really quite simply and the first thing you have to think of is what programs you want shortcuts for. To relate to yesterday’s tip we take the Calculator as an example.
Browse the Start menu to get to the Calculator (if you don’t have a shortcut on the desktop); Start – Program – Accessories
Instead of starting the Calculator you rightclick the icon and chose Properties. Here you will find a box called Shortcut key, in this box you type the letter you want associated with the Calculator, lets say K.

You will now automatically get the shortcut key ”Ctrl+Alt+K” in the field. Save and close Properties. You now simply have to press ”Ctrl+Alt+K” whenever you want to start the Calculator.

Thanks goes out to Hasse!

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