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Tiger is not only a predator but also Apple’s coming operating system, Longhorn is not cattle but Microsoft’s coming operating system. So far everything is as clear as possible but the expectations are very different. At Newsweek they’ve taken a closer look at MS’ and Apple’s relationship regarding the release of their respective OS. You could almost define cool by their relation and none of the parties are hiding their disgust for the other.


Microsoft compares Apple’s Tiger to an accessory for iPod while Apple accuses Microsoft of copying functions from their operating system. The fact is that Apple OS Tiger will be launched officially the 29 of April, i.e. in three days. While Microsofts ”planed” launch of Longhorn is sometime at the end of 2006. The Tiger is quicker and the question is whether/what this will damage Microsoft and Longhorn. Us users can of course look forward to an even better(?) operating system with better looks and new functions.

”This is great theater, but the greater show by far will be the one that plays on your computer screen, making your digital life more pleasurable and productive. If you’re an Apple fan, showings begin on Friday. Windows users will have to wait until Christmas. 2006. Snort.”

Source: Newsweek


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