Intel Sandy Bridge will drop further in price, but not with new Core models but instead Celeron will come to Sandy Bridge and Socket LGA1155. What we see is three new models with 1-2 cores, all priced below 50€.

The latest Sandy Bridge architecture was lanserades at the start of of this year with a competitive price, and has been moving downward with Core i3 and Pentium models. Intel is now also introducing Celeron to LGA1155.

Intel Celeron G440 sports 1 core at 1.6 GHz and HD 2000 graphics at 650 MHz, with 1000 MHz Turbo Boost. The other models are called G530 and G540 sporting 2 processor cores clocked at 2.4 GHz and 2.5 GHz respectively and also these have HD 2000 graphics, although operating at 850 MHz, reaching 1000 MHz with Intel Turbo Boost. Evem of they are based on Sandy Bridge many functions will be deactivated, but they will have Intel VT-x for virtualization.

G440 has a TDP at 35W and is expected to cost around 30€ in stores, while G530 and G540 with 65W TDP will cost around 40 – 45€. Celeron G440, G530 and G540 will replace Celeron E3x00 series for the aging LGA775 socket that is still kept alive by the high demand in developing countries.

Source: Fudzilla


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