ThorTech is a startup, subsidiary of GeIL, focusing on power supplies. The company has now announced the Thunderbolt PLUS series that beside 80Plus Gold ceritification comes with a front panel for monitoring the load of the PSU.

Back in March it talked about the new Thunderbolt series and during Computex we got some more information on the PLUS model that would ship with a LCD front panel. ThorTech calls the unit iPower Meter that installs in an available 5.25″ slot for monitoring the load, voltages and temperature of the PSU, but also controlling functions like fan speed.


The power supply has an output of 800 watt and uses a single 12V rail, good for 65A, and modular cables. The 135mm fan will offer good cooling at low noise levels and would the accident be there there is all kinds of protection measures, including over/under voltage protections.

The product manager at ThorTech has a past in industrial designs and it shows with 120,000 hours MTBF and 5 year warranty. The price was not revealed, but with iPower Meter we expect a premium price compared to regular 800 watt PSUs.


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