Thermalright is trying to build a buzz for the Spitfire graphics card cooler and it has now shared a video showing the capacity of the cooler. It attached the cooler to the hottest card on the market, GeForce GTX 480, and the results are impressive. After 1,45 hours of load in FurMark 1.8.0 the GTX 480 GPU ”rests” at only 66°C and this is at a relatively low level of noise (GPU heatspreader was removed though). In our own tests the reference cooler stopped at 95°C first and was quite loud by then.

Even if the information comes directly from Thermalright you can clearly see the system and all of the information found in the video strengthens the claims. Spitfire and the suitable cooler VRM G2 for the voltage regulators cost 90€ together, which is a big investment, but it delivers excellent performance.

{youtubejw width=”640″ height=”385″}nMxWVgYRv-M{/youtubejw}

We will try to reproduce these numbers, and see how the cooler handles AMD’s flagship Radeon HD 5870.



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