Small preview imageAbout a year ago SunnybrookTechnologies announced a HDR LCD-monitor that offered a contrast ratio at incredible 40 000:1. With this contrast the monitor could recreate images that used more natural lights which regular monitors won’t even come close to. This can only be done artificially through software, which is something most relate to when they hear about HDR. Sunnybrook has since then changed its name to BrightSide Technologies and has continued to develop its HDR-monitors and at Hardware Secrets they’ve taken a closer look at technology behind these super-monitors which so far are only available to the industry and at a very high price.

It is going to be very interesting to see what BrightSide Technologies can do to the consumer monitor market with its HDR-capable displays. Unfortunately this won’t be very soon.

DR37-P: The first HDR LCD-display

:: Read on about BrightSide’s HDR LCD-panel


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