Apple just launched the new generation of the iPod, which is its fourth
generation. It comes in a 20 GB version and a 40 GB version.

design is new, but looks a lot like the iPod mini. Users can now
 50% longer or 12 hours battery life, which isn’t
entirely unwelcome. New features in the fourth generation includes the
touch-sensitive Apple Click Wheel, first incorporated on the iPod mini, the
ability to shuffle songs in the main menu, the ability to save multiple
On-The-Go playlists, adjustable speed or Audiobooks, more language support and
an included USB 2.0 cable (previously the iPod came just with a FireWire
cable, and with the USB 2.0 cable as an option).

It’s also lighter,
158 grams or 5.6 ounces, and thinner.
The most welcome thing will probably be
the lower price: It has dropped $100 over the whole line. $299 for the 20
GB version, or the 40 GB iPod for $399.


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