Are you one of those who’ve grown rather tired of that explorer 3.0, whether the reason be of those thumbs-buttons with all too little resistance or any other ergonomically reason? Maybe you have just always been one of those Logitech fans, being persistent that they make better hardware? Maybe you are one of those that for the reasons above, or many others, really would like to use the Logitech MX500 but don’t because you are afraid its performance will not be top-notch? (I find this type of thinking rather amusing myself actually)

Well, the salvation might be here. It’s colorful, ergonomically and proclaims to handle statistics such as 15g acceleration and 40 inches/second as maximum speed.
And yes, it’s a Logitech…

Introducing the Logitech MX510, on its way out on the market. Except for the improved lens, giving an extra 1.1megapixel/s, improved drivers opening for better button customization in games and the new look, I haven’t been able to find any differences between it and the MX500.
On the other hand, the improvements I’ve found will probably be enough for many others to become very interested..

Myself, I’ll stick to my MX700, not really needing a godlike response time. If you want to know a bit more about it though, hardware-pacers, ExtremeTech and Bjorn3d have all tested it and they all seem rather satisfied with it.

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