It’s not the movie I’m aiming for but the fact that VIA has released a new and probably their last K7-chipset KT880. They sure have taken their sweet time but VIA has finally released a Dual-Channel chipset for Athlon XP/Duron. VIA should actually have released this chipset quite some time ago, since nVida has had their nForce 2 out on the market almost a year now. Except Dual-Channel there isn’t much new. Personlly I’m glad to see how VIA keeps pushing for the old Socket A, but alas VIA has no plans for a Socket A chipset with PCI-Express support.

Some specifications:
* Dual-Channel, supports PC2100, PC2700 and PC3200 memories.
* FSB-support for 266,333 and 400 MHz.
* Built in S-ATA 150 support.
* Supports up to 8GB i ram.

Hopefully this chipset will be cheap, and a good fundation for example to a FTP-server. ASUS, Abit, EPoX, MSI and many others have already said to be releasing mainboards based on KT880, which clearly shows the big support KT880 has among mainboard-manufacturers.

Link to VIA’s pressrelease

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