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At the beginning of this we officially launched SCPC 2006 for the fifth year in a row and with record size prize list worth over 8,500 there is a lot for this year’s participants to battle for. Already the first scores have been submitted and it’s the two main categories which have received their first contributions. In percentual Overclocking it’s Jonas ”Mean Machine” Klar which has pushed his Core 2 Duo E6300 processor to respectable 3.39GHz, which is a percentual improvement of 82.3%, not bad for such a fresh processor as E6300. In the 3DMark category it’s Dennis ”iQ” Johansson which has submitted his first score and it’s not run of the mill score Dennis has reached.

At 20,319 3DMarks it’s a 6th place on the world ranking, which really shows that Dennis aims to win. With a Core 2 Duo processor running at 4.1GHz and two GeForce 8800GTX graphics cards there’s plenty of power. We’re looking forward to more results being submitted to SCPC 2006 and for these early birds things may pay off even if they won’t up in the top three at the end. More information about this will come soon! Until then you can take a peek at the SCPC 2006 top list by following the link below.

SCPC 2006 top 10 (Swedish)


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