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Just a few days ago Amiga and ACK Software announced that they would launch two new computers and how the specifications of the first have been unveiled. The cheaper model will cost $490 and based upon Freescale’s MPC8349E SoC (System-on-a-Chip). A PowerPC processor working at 400MHz (up to 667MHz). The computer is built around the minimal measurements of the FlexATX standard and sport three PCI slots (2x33MHz and one 66MHz), four USB 2.0 ports, two GB Ethernet ports, 4 SATA ports (Sil3114), 6 channel audio via the C-Media CMI8738 and one DDR2 DIMM port and ATX power connectors.

Far from impressive, especially as they haven’t specified whether memory, power supply and harddrive is included in the price. If not, we can’t imagine that anyone would invest in a new Amiga if it weren’t for an extreme flood of nostalgic feelings. There are no pictures available, but we are very eager to see how Amiga and ACK Software will design these.


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