DirectX 11 has brought a lot of new benchmarks for graphics cards and we now have a new alternative, TessMark. As the name implies it focuses on various tessellation effects, but instead through OpenGL 4.

TessMark 0.2.2 is an alterantive to Unigine Heaven, Stone Giant and other DirectX 11 benchmarks where tessellation is in focus. In TessMark you can choose between different levels of tessellation for simulating current game titles, or for that matter extremely demanding titales that may be coming in the future.


TessMark focuses on OpenGL 4, which is supported by Radeon HD 5000 and GeForce GTX 400, but with Catalyst 10.7 there is a bug that affects the Radeon HD 5800 series.

More information and download link at Geeks3D.


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