Dell is working on a new series of stationary workstations and even if this hardly sounds like the most exciting thing in the world the new Precision T series has a pretty exciting design that will hopefully appeal more users. The pictures, only renderings, Dell hopes will attract more users.

Dell will accrording to sources to Engadget received the pictures from one of its design agencies and with a grayish foundation with clicks of metallic red created a nice contrast. This is backed up by an exciting curves on the front and fitting mesh.

Dell Precision T7600 and Precision T5600/T3600 are the three systems that has been drawn up and with T7600 we find some more space that results in up to four hot-swappable harddrive behind the panel.

As workstations and OEM systems it has suggested a well protected interior where a large fan case covers the processor for optimized cooling. Other interesting solutions are brackets for locks by Kensington and padlocks. The systems are rack-mountable with the right brackets.






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