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SuperTalent har ett flertal Solid State Drives på konsumentmarknaden men man vänder sig även mot mer krävande användare. Nu har man presenterat sin senaste satsning på servermarknaden med sin PCIe RAIDDrive Workstations. Förutom Core i7 processorer och DDR3-minne från SuperTalent själva kan man koppla samma flera RAIDDrive SSD-enheter för en lagringskapaciteten på upp till hela 6TB samt datahastigheter på 1,5GB/s (läsning) resp. 1,35GB/s (skrivning).  RAIDDrive Worksstation ska visas upp på Computex under början av juni månad.

Läs mer i SuperTalents pressmeddelande;

Super Talent Launches PCIe RAIDDrive™ Workstations

Up to 6 TeraByte Systems enable 1.5GB/s Read, 1.35GB/s Write Performance

San Jose, California – May 27, 2009 – Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, announced it is introducing the PCIe RAIDDrive Workstation.  These Workstations uses Super Talent’s patented RAIDSSD™ Technology to accelerate the adoption of systems with very high performance solid state disk subsystems through the integration of large amounts of SSDs.  The PCIe RAIDDrive Workstations are based on Intel’s newest Quad-Core Core I7 Processors, and Super Talent’s 1333MHz DDR3 DIMMs.

The PCIe RAIDDrive Workstations scale up 6TB in a Workstation Tower form factor. Benchmarking data taken with Crystal Disk Mark v2.2 shows sustained sequential read speed of over 1.5 GB/sec (1500 MB/sec), sequential write speed of nearly 1.35 GB/sec (1350 MB/sec).  Benchmarking data taken with HDBench showed random read speed of 725 MB/sec and random write speed of 515 MB/sec.

“Providing system level solutions is a very important milestone for our company.  In modern enterprise computing memory and disk architectures have become a major differentiator in system performance.  We leveraged our years of expertise in designing and producing world class DRAM and SSD products to provide PCIe RAIDDrive Workstations for our customers.  We hope to help the SSD industry extend its market penetration into the enterprise server market.” CH Lee, COO Super Talent.

When customers contact Super Talent they will work with a professional trained system technician to help them custom design the system to their needs.  Customers can receive this support by e-mailing with the subject line PCIe RAIDDrive Workstation.


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