SuperTalent continues to build extreme storage solutions with non-violative circuits. Its PCIe SSD RAIDDrive II has given us a hint of what the company is planning for 2011 and with room for up to eight SandForce-based SSD processors in RAID where the performance numbers are just breathtaking, during read it reaches up to 2.4 GB/s.

SuperTalent RAIDDrive II use the PCIe x8 interface to make due with the high transfer rates that beside 2.4 GB/s at read it hits 2.2 GB/s when writing files. Beside raw file transfer performance SuperTalent has revealed that RAIDDrive II will be capable of 230,000 IOPS, which together with 2TB storage capacity results in a drive with authority. Despite the energy efficient NAND technology RAIDDrive II requires addional power from a 4-pin molex connector, which says a lot about how much SuperTalent has installed on the card.


We are convinced it will take a whole lot of cash to buy this kind of authority. Exactly how much we don’t know, but the second generation RAIDDrive does look appealing.


Source: HardwareSecrets

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