We still await the first Socket 939-processors from AMD and even if the new platform hasn’t been launched yet, the mainboard-manufacturers seem to know what to do.
Over at OCWorkbench they laid their hands on one of the first productionboards for Socket 939 from manufacturer ECS. The board that goes by the name ECS KV2 Extreme is so far a testmodel but looks by layout pretty finished.
Among the specifications we can see 4 SATA-ports (2 RAID), 2 firewire-ports, Dual LAN (Gigabit and Fast Ethernet), 6 channel soundcodec (Realtek ALC655) etc. Except the walkthrough of the specifications we get to see numerous pictures of the board, ECS KV2 Extreme, which we hope will reach the market soon, with equivalent processor of course.

Read and look at ECS KV2 Extreme here.


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