Small preview imageSony NW-A series might be the next attack against Apple’s popular flash player iPod Nano and now both specifications and pictures of Sony’s new MP3 player series has surfaced. The new series is called NW-A and will contain three different models; NW-A002, 003 and 005. The storage capacity is the difference; 512MB, 1GB and 2GB. The design is pretty similar to a regular USB memory and as Apple was earlier laughed at when it striped its Shuffle series of the display it’s now time for Sony to prioritize down the display. Rumor has it NW-A will compete with iPod Nano, but with only a single row OLED display, giving Apple’s player a good advantage with its relatively large color display.

Sony’s new NW-A is expected to be cheaper than iPod Nano and to be honest it has to be a lot cheaper to be an option to Nano, more likely an alternative for the Shuffle.

Source: Atrac Life


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