AMD’s venture for making the graphics processor handle more tasks than just rendering images in games has potentially big upswing coming. The company has started a close cooperation with Oracle to bring GPU acceleration to Java and hopes to have an OpenJDK ready for the launch of Java 8.

Project Sumatra” is the name of Oracle’s and AMD’s latest cooperation and initially it will be lead by Oracle’s John Coomes. The project will focus on using a discrete or integrated graphics card, like the one in AMD’s E- and A series processorer, to accelerate Java code. Oracle conirmed that it will use Hotspot JVM and the libraries in Java 8’s Lambda project will enable this. If a graphics circuit with support for OpenCL is present in the system Java code will be converted to OpenCL and run on it instead.

Oracle will not work only with AMD but multiple companies in Project Sumatra, where the goal is basically to help Java developers to quickly accelerate the code with the power of a GPU. Sumatra and a OpenJDK (Open Java Development Kit) with GPU acceleration will be released with the launch of  Java 8 during the summer of 2013.

That Java code will be accelerated by the integrated graphic circuits inside AMD processors will be big for the company and help them further to reach their goal. At the same time it is not only AMD that is focusing on integrating more powerful graphics circuits inside processors. Intel takes this for serious and has a powerful graphics circuit coming with Haswell. If we look at ARM processors they will also have integrated graphics circuit with OpenCL in the future.

Source: AMD

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