Xbitlabs has posted some news regarding the launch of AMD’s new socket 939. Rumors have been going around that there were going to be a very limited supply of CPUs with the new socket and as it seems they were partially correct. For the second quarter AMD’s supplier will only be able to provide it with 50 000 CPUs during the second quarter and another 700 000 until the end of the year. This points to a commercial release some time this fall.

On a related topic ASUS is getting ready to market their new mainboard for the socket 939: ASUS A8V.

”The A8V mainboard from ASUS is likely to be the first platform available for AMD’s processors with 939 pins.”

ASUS will not be able to offer any new features since the board is built on the old VIA KT880. We will hopefully see VIA’s new chipset KT890 later this fall somehwere around thecommercial launch of socket 939. And according to Xbitlabs there will be an upgraded version of ASUS’ A8V-mianboard; A8V DX, which will be based on the KT890 and the VIA VT8237 I/O controller. Thus will offer all the latest features.

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