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Social networks are growing fast and especially Facebook and Twitter with millions of users are potential gold mines for hackers and spammers. The last couple of weeks have seen broad attacks against especially Facebook where spam mail has been sent out from phony e-mail addresses. One of the mails comes from and contains a zip-file claimed to hold a new user password. But the zip-file instead contains harmful code, malware, that infects the computer.

The code is a trojan called Bredolab and more than 700,000 users have received this mail. Facebook knows of the attack are trying to educate users to detect harmful code.

At the same time phony Facebook e-mails have been sent from and redirected users to a new login system to update their information. The site is fake and instead saves your facebook login and password and you can then lose the control of your account.

The attacks at Facebook, and Twitter, will increase and social networks are overall very attractive targets. During a visit in Stockholm security expert Rick Furgeson talked about the security of social networks and offered a couple of tips to protect themselves. The software aside to keep protection up to date, you should always think once, twice and thrice before posting sensitive information on social networks.

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