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PC sales aren’t exactly glorious at the moment while mobile phones, especially smartphones, continues to grow. This has made multiple PC manufacturers to seriously consider this market as a complement to notebooks, which these phones are looking more alike. We have already reported on how companies like Dell, Acer and ASUS have started to get into smartphones and the reason is pretty obvious.

In 2009 sales of smartphones are expected to reach 180 million, which is an increase of 29% year-to-year. In fact, in 2009 smartphones sales are expected to beat notebooks sales.

Marketing survey company Gartner reports that in 2012 smartphones will make up 37% of the total amount of mobile devices, compared to 14% this year.

The growing potential and similarities with notebooks makes more and more PC builders to turn to smartphones, but Gartner also warns that this mays create a harsh climate for the smaller companies trying to get into this already tough market.


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