Small preview imageSharp Corp has announced one of the weirder LCD-TVs we’ve seen so far. It calls the new LCD-TV the world’s first ”dual-view LCD”. The function is just what it says, you can watch two programs at once on the same TV. But this is no ordinary picture-in-picture feature but the whole screen is covered by the two programs at the same time. Might seem impossible, but not with Sharp’s dual-view monitor where you by watching the TV from dufferent angles can see different things. So this might actually be the final solution for people who can’t agree what to watch.

Exactly how wide you have to sit and how good of a picture you actually get is not revealed though but we pressume they’ve thought of this since Sharp will start massproducing it at the end of the month. The TV is geared towards Japanese families, where it seems to be quite common that at least one person has to suffer ’cause there is something else on that eveyone except him or her wants to see.

”Fathers are often forced to watch baseball games or other programs they want to see on a small television set in the bedroom or elsewhere in the house while children occupy the large screen in the living room, she said.”

We’re not sure exactly how entertaining it will be watching a horror movie when someone else is setting right next to you laughing out loud at a comedy, but then again a couple of headphones will fix that. We are not completely sure of how much this dual-view thing will cost, but depending on how well the technology works there might be a potential here.

Source: Yahoo News


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