During Intel Developer Forum in Barcelona, Spain, Serial ATA Working group has previewed two new specifications for the SATA-technology.
First of all these are the specifications for the second generation Serial ATA-interface and its transferrate. Serial ATA-150 which is todays standard maxes out at 150 MB/s. The next generation of Serial ATA will be able to offer twice the speed and will probably go by the name Serial ATA-300 with a transferrate up to 300 MB/s.

Even if there aren’t any harddrives today that can transfer at rates above 150 MB/s it looks good for those of you who use rather massive RAID-arrays. And it is always a positive thing when eventual bottlenecks are erased.
The new specifications won’t require any new cables or connections to support Serial ATA-300 but there are some new cable models under way, it was also this that the second productspecification was about.

Among these we see an external cable for consumers who want to use external storage mediums. We have already seen examples of this among the manufacturers but none of their solutions has been created according to any standard. But this about to change and before the end of this year we should have harddrives in the stores which supports the new cables and connections.

You can read more about Serial ATA-300 and the new cables over at Xbit Labs.com

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