Seagate may be losing market shares to Western Digital, but the company is still fast to adopt new technologies. Seagate has now announced the first k retail harddrive at 4TB and just like when it claim the ”first” 3TB drive it is the external GoFlex Desk series that is first and also brings a new design.

Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk will hit retail stores next month and the price will be around 250€. The external harddrive house a single 3.5″ harddrive and up to 4TB of storage, which is the first time we see such an impressive volume. The harddrive will ship with USB 3.0 and backup software.

Seagate has updated the design of the GoFlex Desk series and it also revealed smaller models tht will appear in more slim and stylush designs. As usual they have different docking stations for using other interaces like Firewire 800 and USB 3.0, but also Thunderbolt is in development. Seagate confirms that a 4TB model of GoFlex Desk for Mac will be available by the end of September.

This latest addition to the GoFlex Family of external hard drives showcases Seagate’s new desktop design. The streamlined industrial design delivers a smaller footprint and better reflects the aesthetic of today’s modern offices while still providing all of the benefits of previous generations of the GoFlex drives.

After harddrive and motherboard manufacturers cracked the 2TB limitation the development has sped up. When the first internal 4TB drives will come Seagate didn’t say.



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