Seagate is said to be working on a new harddrive with unsurpassed storage capacity. The manufacturer is said to develop a 3TB model for the Constellation ES series sporting 6.0 Gbps SAS interface, targeting workstations and servers. Like previous models of the Constellation ES series the drive sports a 7 200 RPM engine, but with increased storage density the new top model will offer 50% higher capacity than the current 2TB model.

Seagate Constellation ES 3TB will be made in the 3.5″ format and there are plans for 1TB 2.5″ model for situations when size matters.

The source was scarce on the details and no launch date was given, but the information falls well into the current development and the rumors that appeared a few months ago. In short, we will see 3TB drives in 2010. We can only assume that the competition, e.g. Samsung and Western Digital, is working on similar solutions. The question is when they appear and who will be the first into retail.



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