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We have for the last few weeks been working together with, among others, Futuremark verifying the results of the Swedish Performance Championship 2006 and we are happy to announce that the top 3 of all three Championship categories stands. We can therefore announce the three definitive winners of a championship that offered both impressive results and a the least to say nerve shattering ending. SCPC 2006 was the fifth annual championship and we have during this jubilee seen several great achievements we will remember for a long time. We’ve seen world records, crowned our first three-time champion and our new category Price/Performance really showed us how exciting a Swedish Computer Performance Championship can be.

We will publish more detailed articles about SCPC 2006 soon, but today we present you with the final three of all three categories.

SCPC2006 – 3DMark06
1st: Marcus ”Kinc” Hultin, 23734 points
2nd: Jon ”elmor” Sandström, 20773 points
3rd: Dennis ”iQ” Johansson, 20514 points

SCPC2006 – Percentual Overclocking
1st: Robert ”crotale” Kihlberg, 201%
2nd: Fredric ”crusader” Kihlberg, 196%
3rd: Andreas ”himura” Johansson, 178%

SCPC2006 – Price/Performance
1st: Jon ”elmor” Sandström, 50 points, 7872 SEK
2nd: Marcus ”Marquzz” Ellby, 50 points, 7892 SEK
3rd: Marcus ”Kinc” Hultin, 48 points, 7919 SEK

First of all we want to congratulate the champions of SCPC 2006 which now will get to dig into our prizes worth over $9,000, which is also a new record in fact.

At the moment we’re working on an article with and about the winners, where we will also present the systems that took home the titles, but of course also present the three winners which also will get to answer some questions about their overclocking achievements. Don’t hesitate to send in your own questions for the winners of SCPC 2006. Send you questions to or simply post them in the forum.

Finally we would like to thank everyone who participated, but of course also our faithful sponsors, without them this wouldn’t have been possible!
A big thanks goes out to Intel, XFX, ASUS, Corsair, AMD, Shuttle, SilverStone, abit and Antec.


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