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The SCPC 2006 ended Friday night after some great dramatics, so great we couldn’t even announce a winner for the Price/Performance category. We ended up having three participants at the same score, while at the same time we were doubting some of the other results. We’ve been working on announcing a final winner in the Price/Performance category and have now reached a verdict. Because some irregularities we had to disqualify one of the top participants which in turn lead to that the points had to be recalculated. We now have a two contenders at 50 points, namely Jon ”elmor” Sandström and Marcus ”Marquzz” Ellby.

As if that wasn’t enough Marcus ”Kinc” Hultin and Peter ”Incido” Nilsson managed to tie for third at 48 points. This forced us to go to the next step and check the prices of the systems. The cheapest system wins.

After careful studies we came to the following conclusion;

1st: Jon ”elmor” Sandström, 50 points, 7872 SEK
2nd: Marcus ”Marquzz” Ellby, 50 points, 7892 SEK
3rd: Marcus ”Kinc” Hultin, 48 points, 7919 SEK
4th: Peter ”Incido” Nilsson, 48 points, 7981 SEK

No one could’ve predicted this kind of dramatic in the Price/Performance category of SCPC2006 and the fact that only 20 SEK ($3!) separates the winner from the runner-up is just crazy. In the end it was Jon ”elmor” Sandström who took home the trophy and thus has made a nice follow-up to his second place in the 3DMark06 category and second place of last year’s Price/Performance category. Marcus ”Marquzz” Ellby comes second, but only because his system was slightly more expensive. Last, but not least we have Marcus ”Kinc” Hultin which for the second year in a row ends up third in Price/Performance, with 62 SEK ($10) to Peter ”Incido” Nilsson.

All participants in Price/Performance and SCPC2006 should be proud of what they achieved and the incredible tension they created up until then was simply amazing. At the same time we should take the time congratulate the winners and runner-ups, but there is still a few weeks of verification before we can set the winners. Until then we wish you all a Happy New Year, see you in 2007!

The preliminary top list
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