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About half of the Performance Championship 2006 has passed and as usual the results are still a bit sparse as many are waiting to reveal their results until the very end, thus also hiding their system specifications. But to our great joy some have chosen to submit their results now already, thus setting the bar and one of these is Andreas ”Himura” Johansson. Andreas was second in last year’s Championship in the Percentual Overclocking category, only beaten by Robert ”crotale” Kihlberg which was truly magnificent with his outrageous 203%. Andreas finished second with 173%, which was actually the second best result ever submitted, which says a lot about both Andreas’ and Robert’s achievements. Andreas has returned and done so with a taste of revenge.

Andreas has namely published his first result in the Percentual Overclocking category and has submitted the second best result in the history of the competition, namely a 178% overclock. Just as last year it’s a 1.5GHz Celeron Mobile which is the heart of the system and with a final frequency at 4.17GHz it’s a very impressive achievement. This result has moved Andreas to the top, where he is so far unthreatened and we’re quite convinced that 178% will take him far in this year’s Championship, the question is how far.

There have also been some changes in the 3DMark06 category as last year’s champion Marcus ”Kinc” Hultin has submitted his first score. Marcus first result is 22,154 points, which is a top five result in the world. Last year, Marcus practically killed the competition already the first day, but this year things are looking to go differently. We’re excited to see if anyone can beat Marcus and perhaps take home the trophy. We hope to see some more impressive results soon, and as there are two more weeks to go anything can happen.

We will keep you updated as the results keeps coming and those of you who wants to keep track of the competition by yourself can bookmark the link below.

SCPC 2006 top 10 (Swedish)


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