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Swedish Computer Performance Championship 2006 is soon over and with little over a day left we will soon be able to crown the computer performance kings of 2006. As you perhaps remember we have three categories for this year and just as the previous year it’s clear that many are waiting to publish their results until the very last minutes, making it harder for the others to make a counter move. We’re literally expecting the championship to be decided during the last few minutes, but there has still been a lot of action the last few days. Several overclockers have been doing what they do best during the holidays and in all three categories we’ve seen new results.

In the 3DMark category it’s still Marcus ”Kinc” Hultin at the top, but we have a new runner-up, namely Jon ”elmor” Sandström. He came second in the Price/Performance category of SCPC 2005. There is still some headroom for Kinc, but we’re convinced we will see more from both elmor and others.

In the Percentual Overclocking category there is a leader named Kihlberg at the top, but not the same as in the last report as bigger brother Robert ”crotale” Kihlberg has now taken command. Fredric has been moved down to second place after that crotale published a 190% overclock. A cruel result which in fact isn’t the best we’ve seen from him, but maybe there is more to come.

Already during the Leadership battle, which unraveled on the 23rd, things started to happen in the Price/Performance category and now things have really started to get hot as several participants have uploaded their results. Kinc and Marquzz, which was dueling for the title about a week ago, have been knocked down more than a few places in each of the three subcategories and when we earlier discussed a possible dual-title for Kinc we forgot about last year’s runner-up in Price/Performance. elmor is namely not only second in the 3DMark category but also high up in the Price/Performance category with a total of 56 points, closely followed by Minja ”mudi” Hebib at 50 points.
Price/Performance looks to be an open affair and we should be able to expect a nervous finish with several competitors battling for the top three.

We will keep you updated as things starts to unroll in SCPC2006 and the last hour before midnight tomorrow we will be providing live reports. Keep your eyes open and don’t miss out on the last and most exciting day before we will crown the computer performance champions of 2006 where prices worth close to $9000 are at stake!

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