Small preview imageSapphire is one of ATi’s closest partners and it is therefor no surprise that it is one of the first to launch cards based on ATi’s new Radeon X1000-family. And as expected we’re talking about cards very similar to the reference cards by ATi and the specifications for X1800, X1600 and X1300 are the same as for the one ATi has published earlier. It has also sent along some pictures of the two cards that will be avilable on the market as of today, Sapphires Radeon X1800 XL and X1300 Pro. The first is more or less identical with the reference card we have gotten from ATi, except for a small sticker on the cooler. The Radeon X1300-cards is a bit different, it has namely been equipped with a passive cooler.

This is no surprise though as we had been expecting that at least the X1300-series would get passive cooling, but it is of course positive to see it this early on. Radeon X1300 looks to be a very good option for a quiet HTPC with its AVIVO support and Dual-link DVI-output.

Source: Sapphire


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