Sapphire HD 6970 BF3 Special Edition is merely one of many graphics cards launching this fall with focus on the coming action game BattleField 3. Besides a free copy of the game Sapphire has added its own Vapor-X cooler to the mix, and an overclocking BIOS and support for 3-way Eyefinity with regular DVI outputs.

Sapphire has gone with the full solution for the launch of BattleField 3. Its HD 6970 BF3 Special Edition comes with the AMD Cypress XT GPU sporting 1536 stream processors and 96 texture units operating at 880 MHz. Besides the stock clock Sapphire has prepared an overclocking bios that activates through a simple click, and moves up the frequency to 930 MHz.

The 2GB GDDR5 memory operates at 5500 MHz and the entire package is cooled by Sapphire’s own Vapor-X solution. A large aluminum heatsink that together with a steam chamber and heatpipes will bring substantially better and more efficient cooling than AMD’s reference.

Sapphire has also integrated its FleX technology that enables users to connect three monitors in an Eyefinity configuration without an active DisplayPort adapter. Two monitors connect with the regular DVI outputs and the third with a HDMI-to-DVI adapter. There is also support for more monitors, but then you need to use the DisplayPort outputs again.

Sapphire HD 6970 BF3 Special Edition will be in stores shortly.



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