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Samsung is one of the biggest manufacturers of LCD-TV and except from trying to perfect the LCD technology it is also spending tons of money on developing next generation TV technologies. OLED has been said, over and again, to be one of these with superior colors and contrast ratios. Samsung has great plans for OLED and may present the largest OLED TV so far at CES in January. Samsung VP of Flat Panel Development, HS Kim, has said that the company might unveil a 50″ OLED TV during CES, but also tries to keep expectations down.

In the same sentence HS Kim points out that the OLED technology si still far from finished and the biggest problem is the manufacturing costs.

”I’m sure that if we marketed such a set at ten times the price of current LCD TVs, which is what it would be now, no-one would buy it.”

Samsung has said that OLED displayer will first appear in notebooks in 2010 so its not easy to estimate exactly what it is planning. The quote has later been changed from 50″ OLED to a larger OLED in the interview at In about a month we will know for sure.


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