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Samsung som är lite av en pionjär inom flashminnesutveckling har tillkännagivigt världens första 64Gb (8GB) MLC (Multi-Level Cell) NAND flashminneschip. Minneschipet använder sig av en helt färsk 30nm tillverkningsteknik och endast med 16 stycken av dessa chip kan man skapa en 128GB Solid State Drive enhet till ett ganska humant pris. Hemligheten bakom det nya chipet kallas SaDPT (Self-aligned Double Patterning Technology).

”In SaDPT, the 1st pattern transfer is a wider-spaced circuit design of the target process technology, while the 2nd pattern transfer fills in the spaced area with a more closely designed pattern.”

”SaDPT represents a pivotal advancement beyond the charge trap flash (CTF) technology that Samsung developed for NAND flash last year when it introduced a new material (silicon nitride) and a new structural configuration. SaDPT resolves a critical bottleneck to forming sub-30nm circuitry by expanding the role that conventional lithography technology plays in the manufacturing process. Both Samsung’s CTF-based NAND flash technology and SaDPT are expected to provide improvements in cost efficiency for next-generation nanometer-scale designs.”


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