Samsung has announced that it has started mass production of 64Gb 3-bit NAND flash circuit with new 20nm grade manufacturing technology. This will lower production costs but also increase storage densities with future products.

Samsung has pointed out that its 3-bit MLC flash circuits are primarily developed for SD memory cards and not high-end products, but the press release does mention that the circuits can be used in SSDs and smartphones, which would lead to severely improved storage capacities in these segments.

Compared to regular 2-bit MLC flash circuits used with current devices the new 3-bit circuits enables 50% higher storage densities, without even contemplating the gains of the more efficient manufacturing technology.

”By now entering into full production of 20nm-class 64Gb 3-bit devices, we expect to accelerate adoption of our high-performance NAND solutions that use Toggle DDR technology, for applications that also require high-density NAND.”

The new memory circuits has, unclike Samsung’s 30nm 3-bit MLC flash circuits (32Gb), support for Toggle DDR 1.0, which should result in higher transfer speeds.



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