Samsung is one of the four major actors on the harddrive market and even if WD gets most headlines today, especially since it just acquired Hitachi Storage, Samsung has made progress this year. Even though it still hasn’t launched any 3TB 3.5″ harddrives the company has presented a drive sporting 1TB platters.

Samsung showed the first drive sporting two 1TB platters at CeBIT 2011 and as a member of Spinpoint EcoGreen F6 the new harddrive will use recordsize platters. With a density of 1TB per 3.5″ platter Samsung only needed 2 platters to max out the support with most 32-bit systems.

Already in 2010 analysts speculated that we would see both 4TB and 5TB harddrives in 2011. Even if Samsung hasn’t revealed when the new record drive will be ready for commercial launch it could confirm that a drive with four platters, I.e. 4TB, would launch this year.

Western Digital and Seagate have presented drives with 3TB storage capacity but will most likely follow Samsung, not the least now that the 2.2TB limitation will be a memory of the past with UEFI motherboards.

While capacity increase prices keep dropping. The price per gigabyte is reaching almost ridiculously low levels.



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