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Samsung Q2 will be one of the first units of the second generation of UMPCs. Samsung was one of the first to launch an Ultra Mobil PC last year and the first addition was then called Samsung Q1. The first UMPCs was criticized for weak performance and relatively poor battery times, but now it hopes that UMPC will take off for real with the second generation. Samsung hasn’t made any official statements or launches yet, but the first information about Samsung Q2 has now found its way on to the web in the form of several demonstration pictures of the new unit.

Samsung Q2 is expected to be launched during CeBIT in a week and it will introduce a whole lot of new features. It’s still using a 7″ LCD display, but the resolution has been improved to 1024×600 pixels. The battery time will be 4 hours by default and 6.5 hours with an extra battery. Q2 will also use an Intel processor, not sure which one, and Windows Vista Home Premium. Other interesting functions include a fingerprint reader, qwerty keyboard, dual cameras and loads of connectivity possibilities; Bluetooth, WiFi, WiBro and HSDPA. If the UMPC concept will finally get moving with the help of Samsung Q2 remains to be seen, but the second generation at least seems a lot more interesting than the first.

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