Update: It have been a few problems with the diagrams, which is fixed now.

At the end of last year we had a roundup of four different SFF systems at NH. Now it is time for part two. This time we have equipped ourselves four new barebones.
All of these four are based on a Pentium 4 platform but with different manufacturers and mainboard chipset which makes everyone of them unique.
Besides analyzing these four systems in this 26 page long roundup we also takes a look at the new chipset ATi RS300.

If you are looking for a new modern barebone this could be something for you.

”And once again it’s time for another SFF article. The last one was well accepted by you readers and since there is a lot going on in the barebone front at the moment, much more than on the conventional mainboard front, we thought of blessing you with another SFF roundup. The competitors this time is AOen’s newly released EY65 XCube, EPoX’ EX5-300S Mini Me and Shuttle’s two latest creations ST62K and ST61G4. The two first mentioned are based on Intel’s trusted i865G chipset while the last two are based on ATi’s RS300 chipset also known as Radeon 9100 IGP.”

Read the roundup here.

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